authentically YOU

Confession time…I remember asking my best friend a few months before her big day, “Coley, are you going to dye your hair before the wedding?” (I know, I’m an asshole) and she just looked at me, ever patient as she is and replied, “nope”. I pushed on, “Are you sure? These pictures are going to be around forever. I think you should give it some thought. Same colour, just to cover the greys.” Guys, I know, I am rolling my eyes at myself while writing this - so hard that they might pop out of the socket. 

Here’s something you should know about this beautiful friend of mine. Nicole is quite possibly the most beautiful human I know. Inside and out. She is one of those friends that will stand by you through literally any and all of the stupid shit a girl does in her lifetime. She will just sit and wait for you to figure your shit out, pick you up when you fall down, dust you off, and set you back out there with the pep talk of a century in order for you to make your next attempt at doing things right. So it shouldn’t surprise me that she didn’t snap on me and drop a couple of F bombs when I asked her that foolishly hollow question. Instead she simply said “I have some grey hairs. Andrew met me when I had grey hairs and asked me to marry him with my grey hairs. So, I think I’m going to keep my grey hairs and look back at our wedding pictures and remember how happy we were and how much love was around us on that day.” 

There are two beautiful lessons to learn from this: 

   1. I am vain. 

   2. On your wedding day, be you. It’s okay to use the amazing talents of The Studio Make Up & Beauty Bar and Sarah Nolan Hair like Nicole did (they’re SUPER), but accentuate YOUR beauty, YOUR features. If you’re a girl who usually wears blush and concealer, put down the smokey eye shadow and the dark lip and ask your team to make you look like a slightly more polished version of yourself. Your fiancé asked YOU to marry him/her and be the woman he/she spends the rest of his/her life with. I think you’ll both be happy with your decision. 

And Nicole? You were right. 


Photo cred:  Michael Blanchard Photography       Florals:  Flower Studio

Photo cred: Michael Blanchard Photography      Florals: Flower Studio