behind the ring: when family & sparkles collide

Years ago I was lucky enough to hold one of my besties hands on the day that she married the love of her life. You want to see a wedding planner on a mission? Hire your best friend to do your wedding planning and day of coordination - nothing was getting inside their bubble o’ happiness on that day! ;)

Kim and Rob got married on a beautiful snowy New Years Eve amid a sea of white organza and gold sparkles, as both of their families watched with pride and joy. One of the most memorable parts of the day was listening to both sets of parents get up and tell stories about how they had shaped and moulded these two gorgeous humans into the beautiful couple that got married that day. So you can imagine, when I heard the story of where their wedding bands came from, it immediately sparked an idea. We hear so many stories about engagements, how he/she popped the question, and the wedding plans that follow (my personal favorite!). However, we rarely hear stories about those special pieces of jewellery that adorn the ring fingers of the well dressed bride and groom for years to come.

Kim is the owner of a beautiful shop called Whink in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Their tag line is “Art.Jewellery.Things”. No pressure at all for Rob when he decided to go pick out a ring to propose to his jewellery adorned bride to be, right? But guys, when I tell you he nailed it, I am for real! He chose this beautiful round halo solitaire classic diamond in a rose gold setting from Michael’s Jewellery in CBS. It is perfect. But the real sentimental hero of the story here are the wedding bands. Rob wanted a simple gold band, and so his parents gave him his grandfather’s wedding band to wear as his own. Kim’s Mom passed down her mother’s wedding band as well but because this was a bit thicker of a band, Kim had it customized by slicing the ring in half and now wears those bands in a stack sandwiching her beautiful engagement ring between the two gold bands. What a beautiful way to start their new married life together, with both of their grandparents by their side. Check out a few photos of this gorgeous set below from a styled shoot I did with the talented Nicholas Moore of Moore Pix Photography in beautiful St. John’s, Newfoundland last winter.

Photo Cred: Moore Pix Photography

Photo Cred: Moore Pix Photography

Photo Cred: Moore Pix Photography

Photo Cred: Moore Pix Photography

do you hear the bells?

Remember that time one of our beautiful weddings was printed as a feature in Wedding Bells magazine?! We do! Now available on newsstands across the country, the 2018 Spring/Summer issue of Wedding Bells features the details of our clients Ashley and Mitch's journey in planning their "East Coast" (aka. Townie) wedding :) My work was primarily with Ashley via email leading up to her big day. She came to me with a great color palette and lots of ideas for the decor and together we designed a pretty little set up for their celebration at Yellowbelly Public House on Water Street here in St. John's, NL. Some of our rentals, paired with her projects, and accented with beautiful florals by the talented folks at the Flower Studio, all came together to create this little piece of Newfoundland magic. 

Now let's talk about Miss Sandra Lee shall we? Sandra Lee Photography took all of the photos that you will see in high gloss print on page 104 & 105 (btw). You've already picked it up and are thumbing through the pages now, right? Right?! ;) She's got skillz that are so chic that one of the editors from Wedding Bells sent us both a message asking permission to use them for a feature in an upcoming print issue. We squealed with delight and connected her with the bride for all of the dazzling details behind her inspiration for planning a East Coast wedding from the big smoke (the couple is currently living in Toronto, Ontario).

What fun it is to see your very own handy work in a national publication. It has been a dream of mine for quite some time now and has been just phenomenal seeing it come to fruition. I am beyond grateful for beautiful clients like Ashley and Mitch that trust our skills and expertise to bring their wedding day vision to life, and of course to the true talented of amazing local photographers like Sandra Lee Photography for making them shine in the best way possible. Thank you to my amazing team that pulled together this fab look while I was across the street working on another wedding at the Merchant Tavern that same day, and thank you so much to Kim and all of the Wedding Bells team for showing what our beautiful province has to offer and for highlighting local vendors such as ourselves and the following list of everyone else who was involved in this wedding. xo ~A 

Who Did The What Now? :

Pics - Sandra Lee Photography 

Sweets - Ivy Teresa

Face Beat & Hair - KQS Studio

Mad Movie Making Props - Tin Bird Productions Inc. 

Officiant - Jane Morgan

Floral Dream Team - Flower Studio

Venue - Yellowbelly Brewery

authentically YOU

Confession time…I remember asking my best friend a few months before her big day, “Coley, are you going to dye your hair before the wedding?” (I know, I’m an asshole) and she just looked at me, ever patient as she is and replied, “nope”. I pushed on, “Are you sure? These pictures are going to be around forever. I think you should give it some thought. Same colour, just to cover the greys.” Guys, I know, I am rolling my eyes at myself while writing this - so hard that they might pop out of the socket. 

Here’s something you should know about this beautiful friend of mine. Nicole is quite possibly the most beautiful human I know. Inside and out. She is one of those friends that will stand by you through literally any and all of the stupid shit a girl does in her lifetime. She will just sit and wait for you to figure your shit out, pick you up when you fall down, dust you off, and set you back out there with the pep talk of a century in order for you to make your next attempt at doing things right. So it shouldn’t surprise me that she didn’t snap on me and drop a couple of F bombs when I asked her that foolishly hollow question. Instead she simply said “I have some grey hairs. Andrew met me when I had grey hairs and asked me to marry him with my grey hairs. So, I think I’m going to keep my grey hairs and look back at our wedding pictures and remember how happy we were and how much love was around us on that day.” 

There are two beautiful lessons to learn from this: 

   1. I am vain. 

   2. On your wedding day, be you. It’s okay to use the amazing talents of The Studio Make Up & Beauty Bar and Sarah Nolan Hair like Nicole did (they’re SUPER), but accentuate YOUR beauty, YOUR features. If you’re a girl who usually wears blush and concealer, put down the smokey eye shadow and the dark lip and ask your team to make you look like a slightly more polished version of yourself. Your fiancé asked YOU to marry him/her and be the woman he/she spends the rest of his/her life with. I think you’ll both be happy with your decision. 

And Nicole? You were right. 


Photo cred:  Michael Blanchard Photography       Florals:  Flower Studio

Photo cred: Michael Blanchard Photography      Florals: Flower Studio